Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Information Regarding Westminster

  • When are Sunday worship services?

    During the Summer (June, July, and August) Westminster offers a 5:30 PM Traditional service on Saturday and two services on Sunday, a 9:00 AM contemporary service and a 10:30 AM traditional service.

    During the rest of the year, Westminster offers the following:

    8:00 AM Traditional Worship in the Chapel
    This forty-five minute worship service is informal in nature and meets in the Chapel.  Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month.

    9:00 AM FUEL Contemporary Worship in the Family Life Center
    FUEL stands for Fortified Under Everlasting Love and it's the place to go to find renewed energy for your journey of faith.  This fifty-minute worship service meets in the Family Life Center on the lower level of the church.  It features contemporary praise music as well as some jazz and gospel pieces led by the church's praise band.  A "family gathering", worshipers sit at tables and enjoy a cup of coffee or juice while they worship.  Like the 8:00 a.m. service, this gathering features communion on the first Sunday of each month.

    10:00 AM Sunday School for All Ages
    Westminster Sunday School offers a variety of classes for adults on many topics. Signs in the church describe the latest offerings and all are welcome to drop-in. A very extensive workshop rotation Sunday school is offered for children.

    11:00 AM Traditional Worship Service in the Sanctuary
    This sixty-minute service is usually the largest Sunday worship gathering. This service features the Chancel Choir who present worship music pieces from a variety of choral styles.  As with our other services, communion is served on the first Sunday of the month.

  • Where is the church?

    Westminster Presbyterian Church is located at 1285 Third Ave SE, and can be reached from any one of three I-380 exits in downtown Cedar Rapids. Third Ave is a one way street and the church is approximately ten blocks from the downtown area. Extensive parking is available, but some late-comers who find all spaces taken park on Third Ave in front of the church or on Fourteenth Street off Third Ave.

    Westminster is located at the intersection of Beaver Ave and Third Ave in Cedar Rapids. An easy way to get to Westminster is from I-380. Take the Seventh St exit from I-380, either North or Southbound. Continue on Seventh St through two traffic lights and a stop sign and turn left at the second stop sign onto Third Ave. Continue on Third Ave through one stop light and then drive two more long blocks and look for Westminster on the right side of Third Ave. The church entrance off of Third Ave is just before you pass the church. If you missed that entrance, drive past the church and turn right on Beaver Ave and immediately take another right onto Fourteenth St and then turn into the parking lot just after the church.

    Click the picture to the left for directions.

  • Am I welcome to take communion?

    All Christians are welcome to take communion with us at Westminster. The Lord's Supper is celebrated during services on the first weekend of each month.

  • How do I Join the church?

    The process of becoming a member of Westminster is deliberately a simple one.  The last thing we want is for someone looking to join the church to feel overwhelmed with classes or paperwork.


    If you would like to become a member of Westminster, please contact our Pastor or the Church Office.    You will be asked to fill out a brief new member information form and choose a date to be introduced to the church’s governing body (the Session).    Following your reception by the Session, you will be introduced to the congregation during a Sunday morning worship service on a Sunday of your choosing. 

  • Are there special activities for children?

    Jesus said, "Let the children come to me," and at Westminster we warmly welcome children into our fellowship.

    Children are always welcome to worship with their families at our services; however, arrangements have been made for those with shorter attention spans. There is childcare provided during all services Sunday church services. A beautiful three room nursery and child care center is provided for children. A paid staff person is always on duty to supervise and parents of young children volunteer to assist. All carpets, equipment and toys are sanitized each quarter to ensure a clean, sanitary environment.

    Currently, Sunday School is offered from 10-10:45 on Sundays. The spring term will run through May 14. Additional information about our approach is located on our Sunday School page.  

  • What if I need a pastor?

    The pastor of Westminster is prepared to serve the congregation and community whenever a need arises. If you need to speak with a pastor, simply call the church office (366-7185).

  • Can I arrange for a baptism or funeral at Westminster?

    Baptism is the sacrament of entrance into the community of faith. Presbyterians baptize adults, on their profession of faith, and infants of adult members. Children are baptized as infants in response to God's love for them, and will speak for themselves when they attend Confirmation Class at around age fourteen. Baptism is celebrated in the community of faith and during a time of worship. Parents must be people of faith and active members of the church. Often individuals who grew up in the Westminster community of faith desire to return to have their child baptized here, in which case the parents must provide the name of the church of which they are currently members to which a baptismal certificate will be forwarded.

    Funeral and memorial services are conducted for members of Westminster Presbyterian Church and for others if a pastor is available. Services can be conducted in either the Chapel, Atrium or Sanctuary. Please contact the church office for more information

  • Is the church handicapped accessible?

    Our extensive expansion completed in Jan 2003 was motivated in part by our congregation's desire to increase handicap access. All areas of our church are now accessible by wheelchair.

    Westminster is equipped with radio headphones for the use of those with hearing loss

  • How does one become a member of Westminster?

    New Members are accepted on a profession of faith and baptism, transfer from another church, or reaffirmation of the faith.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Westminster, please talk to our Pastor or  for more information contact the Church Office at 366-7185.